Changing You Wall Color, No Biggie

Painting is one of the cheapest ways to change the mood and look in your space. A gallon of paint can cover 4 walls in a smaller room and cost under $50. A rug, accessories or art cover less space and cost much more.

Painting a focus wall in your space can command attention to that wall. It allows you to put a punch of color in your room if you don’t want to be so bold to color all your walls purple!
At Design Extra, we often use computer programs to colorize images for our clients so they can visualize the room before painting it. When we colorize it, we are not talking about a few tint or shade differences (light blue, deep blue, denim, etc) but actual different hues (red, purple, blue, etc). The colors do differ from computer screens and print outs to actual painting because of lighting in your space so when selecting the correct tint or shade, we would like to be in your space.
Take a look below at the Jones’ home in Oregon. This is the original room.

Mrs. Jones loves hot, bright colors, so she selected a color from her favorite purse and had us color up the wall in their living room.

Mrs. Jones loved it. Everyone else in the family said  YIKES!  So, Mr. Jones, the conservative banker, chose a color.

Much more calming for the whole family… but because they value their kid’s opinions, Jimmy and Emily chose colors too that we colorized the image with.

I bet you can tell which child chose each color. These visualizations helped the family from headaches. If they would have painted the wall 4 times, it might have cost only $150 and some quality time but they can now use one of these image and spend only $50 or less on a gallon of paint to paint their focal wall in their living room.

Mr. Jones’ calming blue grey was the winner. The whole family was pleased it introduced a new welcoming color into the room but was not too bold.