Residential Kitchen Overhaul

The Martens kitchen needed to accommodate a family of four on a regular basis for breakfast, lunch and dinner.  It also must transform in to a space for large family festivities and game nights.

The Shaker style cabinets were chosen to keep with the transitional theme.  The height of the cabinetry was selected to accentuate the tall ceilings.  The gorgeous glass and natural stone backsplash inspired the color scheme.  Polished Blue Pearl counter tops were used as a wonderful companion to rich, dark wood tones.

The centerpiece island allows four to gather for socializing, mealtime and homework.  The island also created space to provide a double oven for the homemade pizza making by Papa Martens.  Not only does the portabella wood finish on the island contrast with the wall cabinets,  the Volga Blue granite is honed, as opposed to polished on the main counters.  This Volga Blue with dark black feldspar features highlights of iridescent jewels.

The counter height dining table allows the island and table to share the bar stools increasing the functionality of the space and the spaces to flow as one.  A companion to the cabinetry, a desk was incorporated as a central computer station for the family.